Who are we?

We recognize that every individual is unique in personality and style. Both our founders, Charis and Danice come from very different backgrounds and are vastly different in personality and style. Charis is a career woman who strives to be at her best at work. They found themselves in search of products from vast origins in their daily lives and realized the difficulty to do so. As a solution to their own problem, they launched Sis In Style. They realized that what we wear can have a huge impact on our personalities. It's true when they say "We are what we wear".

This is why the concept of Sis In Style is threefold:-

1. Personality
We put the individual's unique personality first when we choose our products. Every product is carefully handpicked to improve a woman's image by building up her self confidence and bringing out her unique personality both in a professional or a casual setting.

2. Comfort
As we go about our busy lives juggling between work and leisure, comfort is of the utmost importance when choosing our apparels. This is why we bring you apparels that stays in style while prioritizing comfort.

3. Quality
Simplicity is the key to true elegance. We aim to bring you products that are simple, yet without compromising the little details.